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Patient Information

Your First Visit

Your first visit with us will include some extra time to help us get to know you. We’ll take digital X-rays and intraoral photos of your mouth, so Dr. Rose can have a clear view of your current oral health. Our caring hygienist will gently check your gums for signs of periodontal disease, and Dr. Rose will inspect each of your teeth for decay or damage. She will review her findings and your photos with you on one of our chairside monitors, and talk with you about any concerns or anxiety. Our highest priority is to keep you relaxed and comfortable at all times, while giving you the quality oral care you deserve.

As a new patient, we would like to offer a free set of bleach trays and your initial two tubes of bleach, a $450.00 value.


Dr. Coluccio is a preferred provider for many dental insurance plans. The links to some of the plans that list my practice as a preferred provider are:


Delta Dental/Washington Dental Service

Premera: Blue Cross


If you don’t see your plan listed above, or to inquire about your specific plan, visit your insurance plans’ website to obtain the list of preferred providers. You will find Dr. Coluccio listed if she is a participating member of your particular plan.

Our front office manager is happy to assist in helping you understand your coverage to the best of her ability. Insurance policies can be very confusing and difficult to interpret.


As a courtesy to our patients, we will bill your insurance company. Patient portion is due at the time of service.

For any dental work involving a dental lab - such as crowns, dentures, or implants - a portion of the patient’s final bill is expected at the time of service. For example, a crown appointment may require a $300.00 down payment.

Payment Options

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards including Visa and Master Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few common questions we hear from our patients. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to give us a call!

Q: What can I expect at my initial appointment with Dr. Coluccio?

A: Your first appointment is set up to allow two hours. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be with us for two hours, but the time is available for you. You’ll see the hygienist for one hour, and spend thirty to sixty minutes with Dr. Coluccio and her assistant for films and exam. There are so many treatment options available in today’s world; patients often have a number of questions that require thorough explanations.

Q: Why are crowns, or “caps”
so expensive?

A: Crowns are labor intensive and require complex production steps. Three hours of chair time is required between the preparation and the seating of the crown. The laboratory must send a driver to pick up and return the work once completed. The crowns produced from my laboratory are made with a high quality gold and precious metal content as to place only the best of materials in your mouth. The porcelain is hand painted by a laboratory technician and baked onto the gold substructure. This crown must then be cemented onto the tooth preparation and is most durable under very harsh conditions in the oral cavity. It must withstand moisture, bacteria, temperatures close to 100 degrees, and constant friction due to everyday use. My clients can expect their crowns to last approximately fifteen to twenty years.

Q: How come I can ask the same question of multiple dentists and never receive the same answer?

A: There are schools of thought that are common to all dentists, but as individuals, we have our own approach to solving problems. This is one of the main reasons for a lengthy initial appointment. If the prospective client gains a better understanding of my overall professional philosophy, it allows individuals to decide if this practice is the right fit for him or her.

Q: Will bleaching harm my teeth?

A: A good rule to follow is all things in moderation. There are a variety of strengths to the bleach that are available to whiten your teeth. We take an initial shade and document this in the client’s record as a reference point. This helps our clients to visualize their original color and recall their starting point. We educate our clients in the use of the product.

Q: Do you do “Cosmetic Dentistry?”

A: All dentists do cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic work ranges from bleaching to direct composite bonding to porcelain procedures. Clients can have a multitude of aesthetic concerns that can range from the color of the teeth to the shape of the teeth to the spacing. There are a variety of ways to address these and other issues including specialty work that may require a specialist to be a part of the treatment team.

Q: If I have double insurance coverage, will I have any out of pocket expense?

A: You may. Each policy is different and only thorough investigating can guarantee an accurate answer. It depends on your individual policy.

Q: Can I have an exact figure as to what I will have to pay for a procedure?

A: You can have a very close approximation, but we avoid giving exact figures because circumstances change. We try and provide cost parameters and inform our clients of any changes that may arise during a procedure. It’s up to the client as to how we’ll proceed.


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