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Case 1

This patient had old bonding on his two front teeth. The bonding was placed after a childhood accident. After some initial bleaching, two porcelain crowns were placed on those teeth.





Case 2

This patient had a mouth full of old dark crowns. The models on the left are impressions of her old teeth before we replaced her crowns. The model on the right is upon completion. Her final smile is spectacular and she claims to get compliments daily.





Case 3

This patient had four old poorly placed porcelain veneers on his upper four teeth. We replaced all four and three others from his upper right canine to his upper left premolar. His request was for the whitest shade we could give him.

Case 4

This patient had multiple fractures on her four front teeth, along with several old, large, failing fillings. Her front teeth were also crowded.  We created a beautiful smile by placing six porcelain crowns to correct her crowding issue and restore her smile.


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